Wai Hang Chan

1943 - 2020

Glenhaven Memorial Chapel
Replay of the ceremony
  • Jeannette and John
    Beautiful service for Daih Gooh. *big hugs* from Sac. If there's a link to the video tribute, would you please let us know? Would love to see all the great pics again. Love you all. Take care and hope to talk with you more soon... --jho =) and John
  • Eric
    My heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Wai Hang Chan. To me she always embodied happiness and always smiling.
  • John & Miki Lee
    Beautiful service. I will never forget her never ending smile. Like a second mom to us
  • Kelvin and Lyndsay
    Our thoughts are with you guys. Beautiful service.
  • Patrick & Julie
    It was a very memorable service. Thanks to Lisa, Barry and Alan, you all did a marvelous Job.
  • Patrick & Julie
    Thanks for all the good memeories, she will be greatly missed.
  • Patrick & Julie
    You all take care and God Bless !!!!!
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