George Scott

1925 - 2020

Victory Memorial Park Funeral Centre
Replay of the ceremony
  • JoAnne Fahr
    Just want to send love to Beth and all of George's family. I very much enjoyed my visits in their wonderful home!
  • Sue Foley-Currie
    Love to Beth and George's family. George would come and have a hello to Beth's writing group and it was a pleasure to celebrate in their home.
  • Lorna Cloutier
    A wonderful couple and love to George's family. Beth is my family as did George become. I was sorry I could not make it to the memorial today. I always enjoyed my visits in their home. I admired their work in ACCES.
  • Arden Sutherland
    It is a beautiful setting and the sentiments were wonderful. A fine man.
  • Ruth E. Stewart
    I that I can see the memorial video at a later date. I will miss George's straightforwardness and caring heart.
    I take this time to send my condolence to my condolence to family elder sponsor and founder of ACCES activities in Kenya on behalf of Kibabii Diploma Teachers College
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