Marlene Laverne HENRY

1961 - 2020

Glenhaven Memorial Chapel
Replay of the ceremony
  • Alsole
    i wish i was able to make it to offer support to my slowpoke family but dealing with my own health issues sorry love and hugs to the whole family stay strong for each other lovd you all
  • Sarina
    Sorry I cant be there my foot is too sore 😭💖 I love all of u
  • Jenny Louie
    Love you all
  • Lorelei Williams
    My family and I will miss you both dearly Marlene and Mike. Our families grew up so close together for such a long time. Say hi to my mom and brother Brian for me. Prayers and strength to the family during this hard time. I love you all.
  • Jenny Louie
    Love you Jenny
  • Jenny Louie
    Gilakas'la for always being there for the family
  • Jenny Louie
    I can just hear mama Mar voice
  • Jenny Louie
    Muke was uncle to all the kids
  • Jenny Louie
    Everyone loved uncle Mike
  • Jenny Louie
    Love you Jenny
  • Elizah Penn
    My deepest sympathy n condolences for you all, much love always
  • Beth
    Sending my love n deepest condolences
  • Joanne Reece
    Condolences to the Family. My heart goes out to Marlenes kids. Keep strong. Stay together. Marlene was such a BEAUTIFUL woman. RISP.
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