Soirée commémorative Remembrance night

Complexe funéraire Mont-Royal (chapelle Outremont)
Replay of the ceremony
  • Jimmy and Mary Liadis
    God Bless you dad! Evangelos Liadis! RIP
  • Donna Woodall
    We miss you Dad and love you.
  • Bobbie Woodall
    Love you Dad xoxo
  • Janet Woodall
    Love you Dad. Miss you.
  • Laura Toffi
    Thank you very much for the lovely ceremony.
  • Bill Stanbridge
    Thank you for this time with lovely word and great music we appreciate it.
  • Janet Woodall
    Thank you so much. This was lovely
  • George Schwalbe
    Moved to tears. Thank you!
  • Eyphemia Karelas
    Love you Mommy And Miss You So Much XOX Thank you Mount Royal Cemetary
  • Robert
    Thank you Mount Royal Cemetery Staff!
  • Robert
    Thank you for this lovely Remembrance Night. Tam Bros.
  • Carolyn Toffi
    Thank you for this remembrance for our loved ones.
  • Jimmy and Mary Liadis
    Thank you very much for this heartwarming memorial service!
  • Renn E/ Brown
    Renn E. Brown, thanks for a lovely program
  • Giovanna Fasciano
    thank-you for this service..miss you you forever
  • Lorna Walcoty-Brown
    Hello, good evening.
  • Brigitte Le Normand
    Thank you, this was a nice way to pause and reflect.
  • Lorna Walcott-brown
    In memory of Louise Brown
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