Ted Loo

1935 - 2020

Forest Lawn Funeral Home
Replay of the ceremony
  • Christine Hanson
    Johnny Cash!
  • Vivian Banfield
    Our hearts are with you!
  • Alicia Loo
    We will miss your sunny smile Ted!
  • Christine Hanson
    Did everyone see all the pictures posted to the obituary page? You have to scroll down the page.
  • Christine Hanson
    They are very touching <3
  • Cyndi Muir
    The photos are awesome. Ted was such a cool guy
  • Vivian Banfield
    so too bad we could not see till the end of the service. love to you all.
  • Theresa Wong & her Dad Bill Wong
    Sorry we could not be there with you all to celebrate Ted's life. But we were here watching with you. Love to all
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