Michael MacNeil

1946 - 2020

JA Snow Funeral Home
Replay of the ceremony
  • Ken & Ann (Amber) Becker
    So very sorry for your loss Katherine Ann - and family.
  • Ken & Ann (Amber) Becker
    Mike was a "good guy".
  • Ken & Ann (Amber) Becker
    So sorry for your loss Katherine Ann - and family and friends. Ken and I are sending out sincere condolences.
  • Susan Mallard
    Ralph, Your tribute to your big brother was so well done. You captured his personality so well.
  • Honorine
    You are in our minds at the CBEC of the Parkinson societythe service is very well done. Mike would be proud.
  • Honorine
    Our prayers are with you
  • Pearl Flemings
    Beautiful services...prayers to you all
  • Susan Mallard
    What a beautiful funeral. It was very touching.
  • Rod MacNeil
    God Bless everyone
  • Susan Mallard
    Rest In Peace, Cousin Mike!
  • Lisa MacNeil Hartigan
    Love and Prayers to you all
  • Tracy Rasmussen
    Beautiful ceremony for Uncle Mike. Thanks for making it possible for us to be there from a far.
  • Jean and Duncan Mac Neil
    Beautiful Cermoney glad to be able to watch it from Iona. Sympathy to all.
  • Jean and Duncan Mac Neil
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